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Our Privacy Policy

Effective 24 May 2018

Destination Hokitika Incorporated (DH) takes data privacy seriously. This privacy policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use Personal Information, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

We recommend that you read this privacy policy in full to ensure you are fully informed.

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your Personal Information, then please contact us using the contact details provided at the end of Section 6.

This policy is provided for your information and doesn't limit or exclude your rights under the Privacy Act 1993.

  1. The Basics

    1. About Us
      Destination Hokitika Incorporated is a membership based organisation that operates under a Constitution and is headquartered in Hokitika, New Zealand. Our main work is the promotion of Hokitika as a visitor destination, but we also do additional work on behalf of our Members. Examples of additional work include advocacy, liaison roles, town beautification, and data collection and surveying.
    2. Key Terms
      In this privacy policy, these terms have the following meanings unless otherwise defined in the context :
      • “Advertiser” is a person or entity that signs up to use any of our Advertising Services.
      • “Advertising Services” include but are not limited to advertising in the Hokitika brochure, on the Hokitika map, on the Website(s), on social media sites, and any other joint promotions or advertising that we may offer from time to time.
      • "Contact" is a person we may contact through our Services. For example, if you have signed up to receive our newsletter, you are a Contact. If you are a Member, you are a Contact.
      • “Content” means any data, information, pictures, graphics, software and other material used or displayed on the Website(s).
      • "Distribution List" is a list of Contacts we may upload or manage ourselves or on a third party site and all associated information related to those Contacts (for example, email addresses).
      • "Member" means any person or entity that is defined as a DH Member as per our Constitution.
      • “Non-Member” means any person or entity that is not defined as a DH Member as per our Constitution.
      • "Personal Information" means any information that identifies or can be used to identify a Member, a Non-Member, a Contact, or a Visitor, directly or indirectly. Examples of Personal Information include, but are not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, email address, gender, occupation, or other demographic information.
      • “Services” means any services we provide to Members, Non-Members, Visitors or Contacts. This includes but is not limited to Advertising Services, visiting our website or social media channels, signing up for our newsletter(s) and completing our surveys.
      • “Subscriber” means any person or entity that has signed up for a newsletter service by filling out a form, becoming a Member, becoming an Advertiser, or contacting us and requesting to become a Subscriber.
      • "Website(s)" means any website(s) we own and operate (such as or any web pages, interactive features, applications, widgets, blogs, social networks, social network "tabs," or other online, mobile, or wireless offerings that post a link to this privacy policy.
      • "Visitor" means any person who visits any of our Websites.
      • "we," "us," "our," and "DH" refers to Destination Hokitika Incorporated
      • "you" and "your" means, depending on the context, either a Member, a Contact, or a Visitor.

    1. Information you provide to us
      This refers to any information that you voluntarily submit to us and that identifies you personally, including contact information, such as your name, e-mail address, company name, address, phone number, billing information, and other information about yourself or your business.
    2. Publicly available information
      From time to time, we collect information that is publicly available on the internet, such as from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, or in print such as the yellow pages and brochures.
    3. Information we collect from third parties
      From time to time, we may obtain information about you or your Contacts from third-party sources, such as public databases, social media platforms, third-party data providers and our joint marketing partners. We take steps to ensure that such third parties are legally or contractually permitted to disclose such information to us.

    1. To bill and collect money owed to us by you
      This includes sending you emails, invoices, receipts, notices of delinquency, and alerting you if we need a different billing information.
    2. To send you alert messages
      For example, we may inform you about temporary or permanent changes to our Services or send you account, security or compliance notifications, such as changes to this privacy policy.
    3. To communicate with you about DH and its Services
      For example, this might include emails or newsletters updating you on current promotional projects, upcoming meetings, your membership status or Advertising Services.
    4. To process your requests, questions, complaints or other customer service requirements
      For example, replying to your emails, adding you to a “do not email” list or providing you Services.
    5. To advertise your business
      If you have signed on as an Advertiser, your Personal Information could be provided as part of your advertisement on our Website(s), social media channels or print materials.
    6. To meet legal requirements
      For example, to carry out any activity in connection with a legal, governmental or regulatory requirement on us or in connection with legal proceedings, crime or fraud prevention, detection or prosecution;
    7. For administration and to provide information to representatives and advisors
      For example, general administrative or business purposes such as trackign membership and to attorneys and accountants, to help us comply with legal, accounting, or security requirements.
    8. To provide, support and improve the Services
      For example, this may include sharing your information with third parties in order to provide and support our Services or to make certain features of the Services available to you.
    9. To provide suggestions to you
      For example, to advise Non-Members of the benefits of membership or Advertising Services or to advise Subscribers of upcoming interesting things happening in Hokitika.
    10. For our data analytics
      We use data from our Websites and social media channels including Personal Information to provide and improve the Services. We use information like your advertising habits, so we can make more informed predictions, decisions, and Services for our Members and Non-Members.
    11. Other purposes
      To carry out other legitimate business purposes, as well as other lawful purposes about which we will notify you.

    There may be times when we disclose your personal information to third parties.
    1. Data processors
      Anyone who hosts or maintains data centres, service platforms and other infrastructure and systems on behalf of us, where your information is processed.
    2. Government, Regulatory, Emergency or Legal Entities
      Persons to whom we may be required to pass your information by reason of legal, governmental or regulatory authority including law enforcement agencies and emergency services.
    3. Privacy Act 1993
      Any person or organisation as authorised by the Privacy Act 1993.
    4. Other third parties
      We do not sell personal information to any external parties. However, we sometimes share information with other parties that have done promotions with us such as prize packages. In these cases, acceptance of the sharing of Personal Information with third parties is included as part of the terms and conditions associated with that promotion or prize package.

    When you access our Websites, a cookie is saved on the hard drive of the device you use to access the website. A cookie is a file which allows us to track and target the interests of users. For example, this helps us provide advertising which is more relevant to your interest. The information collected by cookies are shared with third parties (such as our Advertisers).

    However, the information we share is collated and consequently anonymous. We do not share personal information which is likely to identify you. However, the information we share may be used to provide you with adverts about our products when you use our Website(s), or visit third party websites.

      You have the right to know whether or not we hold any personal information about you. You also have the right to access your personal information, and request us to correct, alter or delete Personal Information by emailing [email protected] or mailing us at:
    • PO BOX 126
    • Hokitika, 7842
    • West Coast
    • New Zealand

    You have the right to refuse to provide us with Personal Information. However, if you refuse to provide Personal Information, such as on a Subscriber form or for Advertising Services, we may not be able to provide you with relevant Services.

    We may update this Privacy Policy at any time.
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