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Hokitika Weather

Look, we live in a rainforest...so YES it rains in Hokitika! But we have similar sunshine hours to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There is not a lot of "in between" weather in Hokitika. When it rains, it pours and when it's sunny, its beautifully sunny.

Our suggestion is to be prepared and then get out and enjoy it, whatever the weather

  • The truth about our rainfall - We have the highest rainfall in New Zealand (14 metres a year!). But that is 20 kms away in the mountains, so we are often basking in the sun even while the weather news is telling us it is raining outside. Go figure. 

  • Mild temperatures - Our location on Hokitika Beach means we are warmed in winter and cooled in summer by the sea's influence. June is our driest month so winter is a perfect time to visit. Think views of fresh snow on the mountains, not a cloud in the sky and you can still feel your hands.

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