The Luminaries | Hokitika, West Coast, New Zealand
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The Luminaries

Eleanor Catton has put Hokitika on the map - literally. Her 2013 Man Booker Prize Winning novel The Luminaries is set in Hokitika during the gold rush of 1866. It is a rip-roaring whodunit a features many places in the Hokitika area that are still here today. 

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Cool ideas | The Luminaries

We know book lovers want to experience The Luminaries in present day Hokitika. Here are some ideas.

  • Grab a Hokitika map. It has locations mentioned in the book marked so you can easily find them.
  • One great location to visit is the Hokitika cemetery up at Seaview, overlooking the Tasman Sea. This is the location of the prison in the book. Many early pioneers are buried here.
  • Visit the Carnegie Building or Ross Information Centre for details of life during the gold rush.
  • Walk the Points of Interest Loop to see historic buildings and monuments to early pioneers.

image of Hokitika map with link to Maps, Guides webpageimage of gold nuggets with link to Gold webpageimage of people on Tambo ship memorial with waves crashing on rocks at Hokitika Beach with link to Walks webpage


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